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About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the world.

My name is Alena and I’m originally from Belarus. I live with my family in Switzerland since several years after having lived in different places in Europe. I’m very happy and grateful to live in this lovely country.

I’m passionate about food, especially baking cakes and sweets. I enjoy baking a nice and tasty cake for my family and my friends. I’m also very careful and trying using natural ingredients and reducing sugar as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a super fanatic or a naturalist extremist, I enjoy all foods as social factor as well as personal reward.

Most of my friends tell me they are not preparing any cake or sweets at home mostly because it’s “difficult” or it takes a “lot of time” . It’s easier and faster to buy something ready-made (that’s what they say!!!).

Well, this can be of course true but I don’t agree with it. 

I want to know the ingredients used for the cake my daughters will eat. Don’t you?

And the preparation of a nice cake or muffins or cookies can be done in only 10 minutes (plus the baking time).

So, how to get everyone able to make something tasty, easy, fast and healthy?

To try to answer this questions, I’ve created this line of products which are fast-and-easy to use and all made with 100% natural ingredients. Some products are also 100% vegan or 100% glutin free (when indicated on the product label).

Unfortunately, in my family we had issues with the diabete so, use of refined sugar (whatever is white or brown) was always a danger factor.

Recent studies showed the effects of refined sugar on our body: in essence, refined sugar is one of the most dangerous and terrible products for the heart, for the circulation, overall for our health.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is pushing almost on daily basis all nations and food producers to reduce or completely eliminate refined sugar from food and beverages.

So, how to balance the need of something sweet and tasty without using refined sugar?

The first option could be to not eat anymore sweets or cakes. Uhm! This is not a viable option right? Well, at least for me!

Option two, replace refined sugar with chemical alternatives (read aspartame or similar). Well, this seems to be even more dangerous or having more contraindications than refined sugar so I don’t really want to get into that.

The third option is to look for natural alternatives which are usually more expensive than refined sugar.

Anyway, benefits of this natural alternatives are represented by less or zero calories and a low or even zero glycaemic index impact. If you don’t know what is the glycaemic index, please visit https://www.gisymbol.com/about-glycemic-index/

This means we can enjoy some sweet without feeling guilty or getting in danger from and health point of view.

In my products I’m using erythritol which is a great natural sweetener, produced by the fruit fermentation and comes with 0 calories and 0 impact on the glycaemic index. Yes, correct ...  ZERO. Also, it has no side effects on cholesterol, triglycerides or other biomarkers.

How can erythritol be calorie-free?

Once erythritol hits the tongue, it triggers the sweet receptors there. The brain gets the signal that we’re consuming something sweet.

But once the erythritol gets to the intestines, it’s absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream (even faster than its other cousin, glucose). It continues travelling in the bloodstream until it gets picked up by the kidneys.

It really doesn’t have time to provide any energy to the body–it gets absorbed, then excreted. If for some reason there’s any erythritol left over in the bloodstream that wasn’t excreted by the kidneys, then it will get sent to the large intestine where it will be excreted… in other ways.

I have also decided to wrap my products into a nice and reusable container made of high-quality borosilicate glass jar and with a natural bamboo lid. In the picture gallery There are some ideas of how to reuse the jars.

I hope you enjoy my introduction. If there’s anything else you would like to know about me, feel free to reach me via social channels or leave me a message in the contact page.

Thank you.