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My first post in my first BLOG. But why?

Hello friends, acquaintances, occasional readers and visitors ... this is my first post in my first ever BLOG. Yes, I finally made it!

Well, you could wonder why I've decided to start all this?

First of all, I'm not an English native speaker so you will excuse all my mistakes, right? Good!

I love baking. People who know me are clearly aware of it. It's something I really like; I can definitely say it's my passion.

I bake at home for my family, my friends, my daughters’ school party, my daughter’s birthday and so on but I'm not doing this professionally.

Even if I love baking, I'm not a big sweet-eater but I like when people tell me how good were my cakes or pastries. It gives me pleasure and positive feelings.

On the other side, I'm also a conscious mother; I'm carefully selecting the products my family eat every day, avoiding "chemical things" and selecting whenever is possible natural or organic foods.

To follow this, I try not to have too many sweets at home. It may sounds as a contradiction but it's true. Having my father with diabetes, I've always been conscious about the negative impact of refined sugar. And more recently I discover how really bad refined sugar is for our body. There are a lot of studies conducted by hospitals and medical centers and confirmed also by the World Health Organization. It's really one of those foods we should avoid as much as possible if we want to live an healthy life.

Honestly .... how could I bake without refined sugar? This was the first questions that came to my mind. I thought it was the end of my non-professional baking career, with major disappointment of my family and friends.

But I was wrong (luckily)!

I think it's funny how we get involved with things in our lives.

I started to look for alternatives solutions to refined sugar and discovered that some of them are chemical (I'm sure you've heard at least one the word aspartame). Uhm!!! Reading different medical research, this can be even worse than refined sugar. So, not going good for me.

Some other might be natural but cannot be backed (do you know stevia?). When reaching certain temperatures, the molecules change with impacts on taste. Imagine a good-looking amazing cake with a crazy bitter taste? Yeah, exactly that.

Continuing my discovery, I found out the "sugar alcohols".

For decades, sugar alcohols have been popular alternatives to refined sugar.

They look and taste exactly like sugar, but have fewer or zero calories and fewer or zero negative health effects.

In this category you can find xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol and my favourite: erythritol.

Ok, enough for my first post. In the next one I'll try to give you an overview of the sugar alcohols, their calorie levels and glycaemic index.

If you have few more minutes, have a look at my website by clicking here

Stay tuned!!!


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