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Vegan Substitutes for Baking

Whether you’re experienced in the kitchen or a complete beginner, sometimes a baking session is all you need. After all, resist the aroma of fresh-baked goods.

Many believe that it is impossible to make a vegan cake, but they are wrong, they just need to find a replacement for the usual ingredients in "normal" cakes - eggs, milk, butter.

Vegan baking can seem tricky. You need to replace eggs, butter, dairy and any other animal-based products in traditional recipes. But once you learn what you can swap in, it becomes easier to bake up vegan treats.

Eggs - Banana, tofu cheese, and even ground flax can serve as a substitute for eggs. One egg is replaced by 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed immersed in three tablespoons of water or half a crushed banana or a quarter of the soft tofu cheese you have grazed through the blender. In vegan cakes or cakes instead of eggs, use flax eggs to make by mixing 1 teaspoon ground flax seed with 3 teaspoons boiling water, and wait a few minutes and then use in the recipe. This scale is equivalent to one egg that you would otherwise use. Instead of eggs to coat the pie crust, use soy milk.

Milk - The most common substitute is almond and soy milk, but you can also use coconut. Use the same amount as cow's milk.

Butter - Instead of butter, use margarine or apple sauce that can replace 75 percent of the butter in the recipe. Or instead of cow's milk butter, you can use coconut butter to give your sweets a crunchiness. You can use it in soups as well, and even if you are on a raw diet and just want to heat your meal. Also, soybean butter may be helpful in some recipes.

Refined Sugar - Many vegans do not eat sugar because some companies use animal ingredients in the sugar refining process. Another reason is that it belongs to unhealthy sweeteners and often contains pesticides. Therefore, if you want to replace crystalline sugar in a recipe, fructose, organically unrefined cane sugar and coconut sugar are an alternative. Also vegans use plant-based sweeteners and maple syrup is a good choice, but it should be reduced because it is very sweet.

Chocolate - Surely many people would give up the idea of ​​being vegan if it meant that they should not eat chocolate. However, there are vegan chocolates, which do not contain milk but only raw organic cocoa. In addition, you can also use carob instead of cocoa.

Flour - You can grind oatmeal; you get just over half a cup of flour from one cup. Vegans also use unrefined flour made from brown rice or barley.

Honey - There are various natural sweeteners on the market that you can use instead of honey. However, they all differ in consistency and sweetness. If you are making a recipe cake where you have used honey before, you may need to experiment initially to determine exactly which sweetener is best served as a substitute for your recipes. The healthiest natural sweeteners allowed in vegan cooking are maple syrup, agave syrup, rice or barley malt, stevia and coconut sugar.

Gelatin - If you need to replace the gelatin in the recipe, use agar flakes or powder, or starch.


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